Our exciting new exhibition, HOT BLOOD is now open. Please feel free to join one of our free guided tours at 11am, 1pm or 3pm Wednesday – Sunday.

Lu Yang, Electromagnetic Brainology, 2017, 5-channel video installation


From Lu Yang’s ‘temple’ of dancing deities in Electromagnetic Brainology, to Peng Yun’s disturbing erotic encounter between Miss Melissa and Mr Fish at 2.31pm; from Chen Zhe’s exploration of a controversial subculture in Bees and The Bearable to Zhu Liye’s Line-up of aroused naked men, HOT BLOOD introduces 23 artists who are not afraid to take risks. Playful, irreverent – and sometimes downright subversive – they explore subjects ranging from sexual desire and bodily frailty to spiritual ecstasy and the need for human connection. These global artists inhabit a complicated world; they are as likely to be found showing their work in Berlin or Beirut as in Beijing. Whether they emerge from a generation of cosmopolitan millennials or from an older avant-garde generation such as Xiao Lu and Yin Xiuzhen, they refuse to be labelled or limited by gender, age or national identity. For Miao Ying, whose work explores the tightly controlled Chinese online environment, ideas of nationality are simply passé – she says she ‘lives on the internet’.

Other artists exhibiting in HOT BLOOD include Patty Chang, Cui Jie, Guo Ling, Hsieh Chun-Te, Hu Liu, Huang Hua-Chen, Huang Wan-Ling, Jiu Society, Kuo Chia-Ling, Firenze Lai, Leung Mee-Ping, Liang Tao, Mia Liu, Nimuë, Shi Zhiying, and Sun Furong.

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